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Top 3 Low Carb Recipes For You

Even though it needs not to be intimidating, transitioning to a low carb diet can be very hard for someone. You might initially find it quite daunting to give up your high carb foods without finding a proper substitute. You can easily make up your own substitute if you can. You will however note that low carb crackers can be of great help to you. A person that is transitioning can find low carb crackers to be very reliable. We have a few low carb crackers that you will find to be of great help. Some of them are as follows.

Cheese crackers have been noted to be very popular among many. You will realize that they are capable of easily mixing with any taste or even flavor that you might be having in mind. These cheese crackers are made of two ingredients. They are the cheese slices and some seasoning. Your desires will be the ones to guide you on the seasoning that you will choose. The process involved in preparing these crackers is not demanding. It will be required of you to have them placed on a parchment paper and then bake them for around twenty minutes at a temperature of 350 degrees. They are known to provide someone with around 110 calories for every ounce.

We then have the sour cream and chives crackers. It is also considered as a snack too. There have a quite intense flavor that you will easily appreciate. You will find that they are quite tasty as well as relatively easier to have them prepared. You will be required to get almond flour, chives, garlic powder and two and a half ounces of full fat sour cream. There are actually a great number of benefits that you will realize from full fat sour cream in your body. It is not really hard to prepare this low carb cracker. You will mix all these ingredients then have them put on a baking sheet. Give it the chance to bake for an hour at 250 degrees.

One other common cracker is the rosemary parmesan chia seed cracker. These crackers will often include raw sunflower and chia seeds, egg, parmesan cheese and grass-fed butter. Do not forget to add some fresh garlic too. A good mix of all these ingredients will always make sure that you are not at risk of getting a heart disease. You are supposed to grind these raw seeds and thereafter mix them with the other ingredients. This must always be done with so much care until you get a dough-like consistency. You will then bake them for 45 minutes at a temperature of 300 degrees. They will make sure that you get the best returns.

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