Tips for Dealing With a Deep Key Scratch in Paint

A deep scratch in the paint of a car is unsightly and often due to no fault on the part of the car’s owner. It could be some kid decided to have some fun and key cars, or maybe someone was mad at the owner of the car. Nobody wants to drive around with big scratches on their car. Even if a person doesn’t care about the scratch itself, if the damaged area isn’t addressed, it could lead to rust that would further damage the car.

Unfortunately, it can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get a deep key scratch in paint fixed at an auto body shop. This is because they often have to repaint a whole panel or even the whole side of the car to give it a uniform appearance, depending on exactly where the scratch is and how long it is. They know people won’t be happy if the area that’s painted is noticeably different than the rest of the surface of the car.

For those who can’t afford to get the scratch fixed at an auto body shop or who just don’t want to spend the money, it’s possible to improve the appearance of the scratch on your own with some work. You need to be someone who pays close attention to details and be willing to put in a decent amount of time and effort. You can purchase kits that contain everything you need to make the scratch less noticeable or purchase the items separately.

Fixing this type of scratch requires a lot of patience, as there are many steps to the process. It will also take some arm strength, as some of the necessary compounds need to be rubbed in with a bit of force, although others need to be applied very lightly to avoid damaging the paint. You’ll need to clean the area very thoroughly, use rubbing compound on the scratch, reclean the area, and then tape it off so only the scratch is showing so you can apply multiple layers of each paint and the clear coat. Next, use rubbing compound again, polishing compound, then a scratch repair kit, and finally polish and wax.

Once the process is complete, the scratch should be much less noticeable and may even be unnoticeable to people who don’t know where to look for it.